Why is the Application of Artificial Intelligence important?

Artificial Intelligence is around us, and it is playing an active role in our daily life. Every time we open our social media app, Google search, use a computer/laptop/TV, recommend a product from Amazon or book online travel, and more, AI is hidden in the background of all of these.

AI is a branch of computer science whose work is to make an intelligent machine and work without any human being. But the question is, what is Artificial Intelligence, where is its use, and why it is essential to know in detail.

Evaluation of Artificial Intelligence

During World War II, which made the first computer, its primary purpose was to break German communication. It was the primary role of Alan Turing to build this computer. in 1950, Alan Turing had published a paper at a conference, which title heading was “Can Machines Think?”

We will find the answer in this blog –

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence means Developing the ability to think(understand) and to decide in a machine. AI provides machines with the capability to adapt. 

In other words, Artificial Intelligence is trying to break the barrier of Intelligence between a human and a machine. Behind these, there are some AI algorithms like Generalized learning, Reasoning, Problem-solving, etc.

With the help of AI algorithms, we want to make machines that behave like humans, think like humans, and work like humans. 

Why is AI so important?

AI is important because it can provide enterprises insights into their operation. Generally, the enterprise can’t be already aware. In some cases, AI can work better than humans, like repetition, data collection, better performance & analysis, and reducing errors.

Before the current wave of AI, people had to search for a taxi to reach their destination. Bringing this idea, why not use the computer and Artificial intelligence software to add taxis, which Uber Company shows. Also, today Uber has become one of the world’s largest companies by operating it.

AI Advantage –

  • AI helps the complex task to make easy, reduce the time and workload.
  • AI takes less time in delivering consistent results and enables multi-tasking. 
  • AI has no downtime, and it operates 24×7 without interruption or breaks.

Strongest Example of AI

Now, let’s look towards some critical examples of Artificial Intelligence, which we trust a lot and are already using in daily life.

#Google Maps

Google map is the best example of AI, which has so improved in traveling. Today, Google Maps is used by more than 1 billion people all over the world every month. 

First, William Thomson, 1st Baron Kelvin invented the compass in 1902 for direction and navigation. But after the invention of Google Maps with the help of AI, our ride has become easier.

On February 8, 2005, Google Maps was first launched for desktop as a new solution to help people “get from point A to point B.” We were afraid to go to any new place or location earlier and faced many difficulties, but we can arrive anywhere by using Google maps today. 

#Apple – Siri

We are aware of all voice-controlled assistant applications, of which Siri is the most popular personal virtual assistant. She is based on Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing, from which we can interact every day. 

First, as a voice-powered assistant, Siri was launched on October 4, 2011. SRI international developed Siri’s project, which is part of Apple. 

Google Assistant or Alexa is also based on AI like Siri. When You ask something to Siri and speak “Hey Siri,” then immediately say what you need. She helps us find information, dials call, gives us directions, sets events to our calendars, helps us send mail/messages, and so on. After all, Siri does all the legwork for you.

# Smartphone 

How much Intelligence can you hold in your hand? Yes, we know the answer is a smartphone. So, no need to explain that what is the importance of the smartphone in our life. We are using smartphones, but everyone is unaware that we are interacting with AI or dealing with AI.

As everyone is familiar with the fact that we can’t imagine our lives without smartphones, we believe the smartphone is one of the best ideas of Artificial Intelligence.

We have already known about Siri, Google Assistant. AI-Powered Chipsets, Automated Photo Classification & Security, User Behaviour, Smarter displays, etc are all examples of AI in our mobile.


Artificial Intelligence plays the primary role in E-Payments. E-payments have increased customer interactions on a large number with AI and generated large volumes of data. The most popular methods of E-payments include credit cards, debit cards, virtual cards, and ACH.

Almost 10 to 15 years earlier, we didn’t know about electronic payments; people had to go to the bank for every transaction. Due to this, it was a waste of time for banks and customers, and the working process was also slow.

After E-Payments, Banks have been reborn, and the transaction has increased. Banks are now taking maximum advantage of artificial Intelligence to facilitate users by simplifying payment processes.

# Smartcars 

We used to dream of self-driving cars and believed that this dream will complete in almost 2040 years. But ELON MUSK has proved it totally wrong, who is the co-founder, Chairman, and Product Architect of Tesla Company. 

How AI is impacting our daily life, Tesla smart cars are a prime example of it. Yes, Tesla has made driverless cars, and more than 50000 smart cars are already running in the US.

AI Summary: The Present and the Future

In the last few years, there has been a rapid development in Artificial Intelligence, and today, it is proving to be very useful for us. We have almost addicted to an AI machine; because with its help, we are getting better results in less time.

But it is another aspect, which is a matter of great concern. Our time, wealth & human labor are being saved, but due to AI ​​machines, the problem of unemployment is also increasing.

By the way, we must promote new technology, because change is life. However, there are no limits to AI, and we will see many inventions and features due to AI in the future.

Article by Nirmal Jangid – Technical Content writer and blogger having 3 years of experience in tech writing. Feel free to follow her on LinkedIn and Twitter.
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