Why HR Needs an Interview Software for Modern Hiring

Today, recruiters have become highly dependent on interview software tools. This is because these tools are highly convenient to use. The recruiter does not need to arrange any place to set up the interview. Both parties need to join the same link, and that’s it! They can converse, see, and share thoughts with each other. 

Want to know more about this software? If yes, worry not! In this blog, we have covered multiple aspects related to interview tools that will help you understand them thoroughly. So, read further to know more! 

Why has interview software gained so much popularity?

The online interview software has gained popularity over the past few years because of the convenience and benefits it provides. The following are the benefits that it provides:

  • Eliminates geographical boundaries

With interviewing software, the recruiter can interview candidates from across the world. This helps in bringing diversity into the company. Moreover, many software detect time zones automatically for the recruiter. This helps both parties. 

  • Reduces expenses 

The interview software helps in cutting costs. With this software, the recruiter need not arrange or rent a place and spend on it. They can conduct interviews on their device from anywhere in the world. 

  • Requires less time to hire 

An interview management software helps manage all the peripheral tasks involved while interviewing candidates. This includes hiring tasks like follow-up messages, communication emails, sending video interview links, and so on. This helps to save time. 

  • Improves candidate experience

Every candidate feels they should be interviewed or assessed personally rather than on a phone call or by software. Thanks to interview tools for employers, they can interview candidates personally through video and audio calls. 

  • Easy scheduling 

The software allows easy scheduling of the interviews. Thus, the recruiter need not lose himself in the complexities of finding a common empty slot for the interview. The software integrates with the calendar and finds empty slots automatically. 

This is the reason why interview software has gained so much popularity over the past few years. Further, let us take a look at how traditional interviews differ from interviews using interviewing software.

How do traditional interviews differ from the modern ones? 

Choosing between traditional interviews and video interview scheduling software through interviewing software can be confusing. Hence, we have made a detailed comparison below that will help clear up your confusion. 

Points of differentiationTraditional InterviewsInterviewing Software
Costs Traditional interviews cost more than video interviews. The recruiter needs to arrange a room and place for the interview.Video interviews through software cost less as the recruiter can interview from anywhere in the world. 
TimeTraditional interviews are more time-consuming, and peripheral tasks other than interviews, like commuting from one place to another, consume time.These interviews are much faster as neither party needs to travel from one place to another. 
Biases Traditional interviews can be biased at times.Interviews through interview software are less unbiased. 
Modes There is only one mode which is face-to-face interviews, when it comes to traditional interviews.The software works like one way video interview software and two-way software. This way, the recruiter has various modes. 
Reach With traditional interviews, there are many geographical boundaries. The reach for candidates remains within the city itself. The interview software eliminates boundaries, and the recruiter can interview candidates far away. 
Scheduling and reschedulingIn the traditional interview, the recruiter must evaluate the time slots and decide for himself. Moreover, rescheduling is quite a difficult and painful process. Many interviewing software contains inbuilt interview scheduling software that helps to integrate the calendar and finds an empty slot automatically. Moreover, any party can easily reschedule if needed. 

Thus, looking at the differences, we can infer that it is better to opt for video interviewing software to enhance the interview onboarding process. In the next section, let us take a look at important features that interviewing software should have. 

What features should every interview software have? 

There are a few features that every ATS interview software should have; these features are necessary for the recruiter to work efficiently. These features are: 

  • Scheduling 

The software should contain an inbuilt scheduling to schedule the interviews according to the empty slots of the recruiter and the candidate. This feature facilitates easy scheduling for the recruiter. So, the recruiter need not spend his precious time searching for the empty slot. 

  • Integration 

The software should be able to conduct swift ATS software interviews. This means that it should be able to integrate with an ATS system easily. This integration allows the easy transfer of data. Also, it should be able to integrate multiple calendars easily. So it can find a common slot for an interview.

  • Recording feature 

The interview software should have a recording feature through which it should be able to record the interviews and store them in video format. These act as proof and can be replayed if any team member wants to review the candidate. This facilitates better decision-making for the recruiter. 

  • Feedback and customer service

Feedback is important for improving the company. Thus, the interview software should be able to collect feedback from the candidate after the interview. Moreover, it should have extensive customer support. So, if the recruiter faces any difficulty, they can consult the concerned people. 

Thus, every interview software should have the above-mentioned features without fail. Further, let us take a look at how to choose the best one for your recruiting needs. 

How to choose an interview software as per your needs? 

Considering the above-highlighted features, you might have wondered how to go about selecting an interview management system, given that there are so many. Here are a few ways to help you choose the right software:

  • Decide on the recruitment goals

Before you start looking for video interview software, you should know what to achieve by using it and what you expect from that tool. You also have to consider the role type, industry, and level you are hiring at the moment, apart from the skills and attributes that suit your organization.

  • Compare different interview tools

Once you have determined what your video interview software needs are, search and compare a variety of video interviewing software choices that fit your unique requirements. The information would have to be sourced from official websites, customer reviews, industry reports, and experts.

Some online interview tools include but are not limited to Jobma, Hireflix, Zoho Meeting, Pitch N Hire, and Hire Vue, among others. However, in this case, using Pitch N Hire is highly recommended as it comes with a free starter plan that demonstrates how the software works.

  • Analyze the software to your needs

You should have a few video interview software options here, so it’s time for you to test and make the right choice. Identify those that provide free trial software or demo versions and try it. You can also opt for a mock interview, or you can ask for opinions from any colleague or friend.

  • Monitor the final software results

Ensure the software does what it is supposed to do for your business, that is, make it more profitable. Therefore, start by scrutinizing their finality and character in your hiring process. You should evaluate it using criteria like time-to-hire, cost-per-hire, quality-of-hire, candidate satisfaction, and employee retention.

Why choose Pitch N Hire for scheduling online interviews? 

Would you like the ability to interview, create a plan for interviews, and still source a candidate on one platform? In that case, Pitch N Hire will be the best option. With great tools in place, Pitch N Hire is all you need for interview scheduling software. It allows you not only to plan and hold an interview but also to choose the candidate with the necessary categories. Here is more to know –

  • Free-to-use interview scheduling tool.
  • Provides a virtual panel for recruiters & candidates.
  • Comes with fully customized questionnaires.
  • New improved video conferring functionalities.
  • Assists recruiters in automated evaluation & grading.


Video interview software empowers recruiters to break free of geographical barriers, lowers recruitment costs and time wastage, ensures competency-based selections, and enhances candidate experience as the recruiting landscape turns sophisticated. Therefore, if you are in search of a platform with an ATS aspect and interviewing software, test them out with a free demo at Pitch N Hire!


Which software is best for online interviews?
Pitch N Hire is one of the best software for conducting online video interviews. It is affordable, helps to reduce manual work, and provides multiple features. Most importantly, it comes with a starter plan which is absolutely free to use.

What is an interview management system?
An interview management system is software that helps recruiters and other hiring experts to schedule and manage the interview process, including all the administrative work related to the interview.

Why is interview scheduling software important?
Interview scheduling software is important for a number of reasons. It helps you save on manual, time-consuming tasks, lowers the possibility of errors due to manual scheduling, lets you connect with candidates across the globe virtually, and makes a better decision overall with the help of automated feedback.

What is the meaning of ATS in an interview?
ATS is an Applicant Tracking System. Interviews refer to integration that recruiting teams can opt for to eliminate time and resources. Consequently, ATS integration in interviews helps access the candidate’s data and smoothing the interview process. 

What is ATS, and how does it work?
An ATS software carries out all the clerical work related to the hiring process of the company. It provides recruiters with a real-time view of their hiring activities. No matter if it is managing pipelines or creating a branded career page. An ATS does it all!