Free AI content detection tools used by the top content writing company in India

ChatGPT has become one of the most renowned tools for AI content generation. This platform creates content where there is no human touch and emotions are completely missing.

Even if AI content generators can assist you in filling up your content requirements, they will never have any deep connection with the targeted audience. 

Thus, it is best to avoid AI-generated content for establishing a strong online presence. To assist you in overcoming these challenges, we have done extensive research and prepared a list of the top free AI content detection tools used by the top content writing companies in India.

What is an AI Content Detector?

AI content detector tools may determine whether a person or an AI program created your content. The content will be compared against millions of other internet sources using machine learning and natural language processing algorithms. Therefore, if you’re concerned about AI-written content, you should use well-known content detector tools for the purpose.

Best free AI content detection tools used by content writing companies in India

So, we have listed the top AI content detection tools below.


This platform can find AI-generated content produced by ChatGPT, GPT3, and even the most recent GPT4. Additionally, Copyleaks offers a handy plagiarism checker to seek duplicate content along with an AI Grader to assess academic work and test grading.


· Covers all AI models, including ChatGPT4

· Increases the level of content protection for your business with API connectivity

· Highlights certain passages of text written by humans and AI

GPT Zero

In this web-based application, users can copy and paste their text or upload PDF, DOCX, or TXT files. The software highlights any text that appears to have been generated by AI. If the content is human-generated, no highlighted text will be seen.


· To find AI-generated content across the entire website, you only need to add a URL.

· Through Writer’s AI Detector API, integration is simple.


Kazan SEO is an excellent tool for SEO optimization and AI content detection, used by most content writing companies in India. Several AI and SEO functions, including AI content identification, are now available on the website, which first advertised itself as an SEO content optimizer.


· A free and open-source model

· A variety of SEO optimization tools

· Includes the most recent GPT detection techniques.

Writer’s AI content detector

An easy-to-use web tool is Writer’s AI Content Detector. To analyze the text, users can view the “Human Content Score” by choosing “Analyze Text” and then “Human Content Score.” It also indicates any text that appears to have been produced by AI, making the tool a valuable tool for spotting AI-generated content.


· Finds AI-generated content using a combination of NLP, semantic analysis, and three different AI engines

· Ensures a better level of intelligence than generic AI algorithms

AI originality

It is one of the best AI content detectors on the market. It utilizes natural language processing (NLP) technology to find plagiarism in AI by spotting patterns in text. By doing this, the work is confirmed to be 100% original before being posted online or sent for evaluation.


• GPT-4 content is 99% or more accurate. For paraphrased content, the accuracy rate is 94.5%, while for ChatGPT content, it is 83%.

• Originality AI has a simple API that you may use to incorporate it into your process for creating content.


Due to the absence of authenticity, the potential for spreading false information, and the absence of emotions, AI-generated content has become a real problem online. Additionally, Google has begun to identify AI content as if that weren’t enough.

However, the above AI content detector tools are the most dependable options used by content writing companies in India to make sure the content you are submitting is completely human-written.