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The way we live today is significantly different from how we lived 10 to 15 years ago. Thanks to modern technology‚ today we have got just about every amenity we need to live a comfortable life. 

Of course, in today’s era, people have become more digital-friendly even for the daily chores that they don’t have to move out of their homes, from cleaning to shopping from eating to utilizing BFSI services.

Earlier businesses used to be almost offline, but now with increasing online activities, business owners have known the importance of being online and have started transferring their companies and services online.

Great idea! If you also want to start your business over the internet, you need a website and for this, you can take help from web development agencies.

Before diving into the depths of web development costs in India, let’s quickly know why you need a website?

How does a website help a business?

A website is the first strong structure for any business culture; all small to large business needs a website to enhance their social reference.

It’s a communication medium between a business and its audience where they go and learn about your provided products or services to utilize them.

Having a website means you will be available and more reliable in front of your customers anytime & anywhere.

A well-designed website with easy navigation makes you stand out among your competitors.

It helps your audience provide your services offered by working 24 hours a day & seven days a week.

A website is a low-cost channel for advertising and marketing. It expresses your outlook to a mass audience through broadcasting media, online billboards, digital brochures, electronic business cards, etc.

What Do You Think about Web Development Cost in India?

Before investing in any business, there is confusion in our minds about the website because it is one of the most critical aspects. It is also considered a huge asset of the company.

Having a website that indicates your brand proudly and accurately is very important. According to research, sales inclined by 45% in the last few years due to the prevalence of online websites in India.

Nevertheless, it can be estimated that about 39% of companies are not yet in web marketing. If you are in the same boat and now thinking about website development for your Startup or business, you might have many questions on your mind like:

Where to start and how?

How much does website development cost for you?

What is the goal of your business?

Should you use the “Do It Yourself” website builder, or should you appoint a web development agency?

Before you conclude that a website builder or web agency is right for you, consider all the different aspects and functionality you need for your website.

Do you want to indicate the facilitate of creation, information sharing, and trending? Then you need social media marketing. Do you want customers to buy and sell something? Then you’ll need to go through eCommerce. Thus, do you wish to create content daily or fill out a form? Then blogging or portfolio functionality is good.

The important thing after considering the requirements is –

Work with website builder:

You can use a website builder as a small commercial and simple website (1 to 20 pages). Typically, it is a DIY tool that allows the user to build a website using pre-made templates without CSS, HTML, and hosting. You can only add widgets and design elements to the site to customize their needs by choosing a template.

Some of the most popular websites are among the web builders:

Wix, Weebly, Jimdo, Shopify, Simvoly, Bookmark, WordPress, etc.

Work with a web designer or web development company:

If we talk about an extensive website (about 50 pages). You can hire a web development or freelance web designer to create an amazing website that can design your website entirely with scratches. For the construction of a premium and unique website, more work, skills, capacity, and expenses are likely.

An agency can create two different types of websites; a Static website and a dynamic website.

Static websites are made using only HTML codes with relatively simple and limited pages that show the same content to all their viewers. Static websites are not so expensive, that’s why this is the best option for running a small online business. The original initial price of a Static website in India is from 3000-5000 for 1 to 5 pages. Example of Static Websites – Netlife CMS/Site Leaf CMS/Public CMS/Dato CMS/Forestry CMS.

Dynamic websites are contrary to static websites. Due to more functionality, it is expensive to build these sites. It also shows different content to each user and provides user interaction on your website. Example of Dynamic Websites – YouTube/Google/Facebook and Twitter/Netflix/WordPress.

After knowing the type of website, you are expecting the web development cost in India.

Different Types of Website & Different Costs

With different website-making costs in India, there are many kinds of websites in the online world; If not sure which website will fulfil your business purpose & need.

Don’t worry; It’s a general & most challenging question for anyone new to the web development field. The answer is not that straightforward, so you need to know which website can help mould your business prospects?

let’s understand all these types of websites along with their cost, in brief:

# Business Website

Presently, running a business in the online portal without a website is impossible. Thousands of web development startups in India are penetrating the market every year.

People want their website to appear in the digital world at the highest rank, get traffic, and increase sales.

Thus, a well-optimized website is essential, including a Contact form, social sharing buttons, Mobile responsive, an Image gallery, an image slider, Pagination, and a Testimonial section.

# E-commerce websites

E-commerce websites in India have proved to be the most progressive. Approximately every business is switching to online platforms, and now consumers can purchase from groceries to luxury items from one online spot from anywhere, anytime.

Are you planning to start your own eCommerce business? Before that look at some examples of an e-commerce website in India –

Amazon is the most elevated market domain and continues to grow day by day due to the highest online sales, followed by many other eCommerce sites like Flipkart, Snapdeal, Myntra, Nykaa, etc.

Up from $46.2 billion in 2020, the Indian eCommerce market is estimated to increase by $ 111.4 billion by 2025.

# Blog Website

A blogging journey began as a digital journal, but now It has become a marketing tool for businesses to connect with their target audiences.

A blog website is updated with new information on an ongoing basis, and it’s usually a collection of posts.

A skilfully-written SEO blog with related content, photos, and videos can be helpful for any company; apart from this, it also helps rank the website on search engines.

# Custom Website

There is no exact definition of a custom website because almost any website can be considered custom.

If we talk about Custom websites, we can notice two things:

First, some website design agencies heavily modify a template built from a platform and call that a “Custom Website”, and

Second, the other agencies consider “custom web design” unique such as the colours, layout, icons, images, and fonts; and convey that they don’t use templates, themes, or platforms to build your website.

Website TypePageBasic Price
Business Website1-5₹25,000
E-commerce websites1-5₹35,000
Blog Website1-5₹20,000
Custom Website1-5₹50,000

Ready for your next step?

Taking final decisions about the costs of your websites is probably quite difficult!

Hopefully, you will get better information about selecting the best website option for your business need through this blog.

Consider the necessary things for your website:

*Your website must be mobile-friendly.

*Your website needs to be optimized for SEO.

*Your website requires to be fast & secure.

Thanks for Reading…

Article by Nirmal Jangid from Jaipur. She is experience technical writer having 5 year of experience in writing. Hire her for tech writing.