What is CoffeeScript Application Development – An Overview

Gone are the days when the programmers and developers relied on JavaScript for all projects. As technology is growing rapidly, the need for new languages has arisen. So, experts have designed several new languages. CoffeeScript is one of them. What is CoffeeScript Development? What are its benefits? Why do you need it? What is its history and what is its future? Here is an overview to answer all the questions.

What is a CoffeeScript Application?

CoffeeScript application is a programming language that compiles into JavaScript. It is a neat and easy-to-understand language. The language helps to implement the best practices of JavaScript. It takes the source code of JavaScript but does not assemble with binary or VM code. Moreover, it is a perfect combination of the elements of Python and Ruby, etc. CoffeeScript application is loaded with many features which makes it unique. That is why it is popular among rails and node communities. CoffeeScript application increases the speed and readability as you have to write less code. It has many similarities to JavaScript but it has a distinct syntax. There are some distinct differences between the two.

History of the CoffeeScript Application

On December 13, 2009, Jeremy Ashkenas developed this language and made the first git. Initially, he wrote it in the Ruby language.  Then in March 2010, the committed version 0.5 replaced the former. CoffeeScript language was used instead of Ruby. In December 2010, version 1.0 was released and 2.0 in 2017. The aim of the final version is to

  • close the gaps between JavaScript and
  • also to preserve the clean syntax as well. It became a massive hit after its inclusion in Ruby on Rails

Why should you go for a CoffeeScript development?

CoffeeScript provides a lot of advantages. Here is a list of its benefits that show why you should go for it. 

  1. The first benefit is that it is easy to understand. You can easily understand the syntax. So you can write clear codes easily.
  2. The next important advantage is that it is reliable. It is safe to write all programs. You can create dynamic web pages without worrying about safety and reliability.
  3. It is of great advantage to the developers. They like it because they have to write less.
  4. Codes are easily readable.
  5. Codes are not only easily readable but also easy to maintain.
  6. There is no need to worry about problematic symbols like semicolons. Also, you just have to use white spaces for differentiating block codes.
  7. You can also use JavaScript libraries. Hence you get access to a big set of libraries when you work with this language.
  8. You need not use the VAR keyword to create a variable script. So it is of great help to programmers.
  9. It is a great way to work with variables and functions as it consists of splats.
  10. It is a pretty language without many difficult clauses. 

Does CoffeeScript have any disadvantages?

It does have a few limitations but they are nothing when compared to its multiple benefits. There is one important limitation and it is the sensitivity to the white spaces. Programmers should be very careful about the white spaces. If you don’t maintain proper indentation, then the complete code may go wrong. This is the biggest concern.

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What are the differences between CoffeeScript and JavaScript?

  1. It is easier to carry out functions and variables in CoffeeScript when compared to JavaScript. So it is faster to implement.
  2. There are many unnecessary junk codes in JavaScript but CoffeeScript does not have them. 
  3. CoffeeScript optionally uses parenthesis but it is not an option for JavaScript.
  4. CoffeeScript makes use of white spaces but JavaScript does not make use of them.
  5. JavaScript has a few restrictions in the language of conventions but there are no such restrictions for CoffeeScript.

So it is clear that CoffeeScript is an advanced version of JavaScript. CoffeeScript can be used to replace JavaScript for many projects.

What is the future of CoffeeScript?

Most programmers feel that CoffeeScript has made JavaScript development more interesting. It attempts to expose the pluses of JavaScript. CoffeeScript has emerged and is still emerging. What are the new additions in CoffeeScript? The most significant change is that the CoffeeScript compiler can produce modern syntax of JavaScript. However, the problem is that JavaScript is also adding many new features. Many programmers still prefer JavaScript to CoffeeScript but CoffeeScript is still alive.


CoffeeScript development has its own multiple benefits. It is a tiny language but expressive and boosts readability. It is gaining in popularity because it overcomes a few drawbacks of JavaScript like automatic semicolon insertion. Do you want to give it a try? If you are interested in it, you should get the services of a good company that has experienced experts with updated knowledge on CoffeeScript.