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Measuring weight and mass is a tricky business, especially in the UK where we use a mix of metric and imperial systems. But fear not, as we have a quick and easy solution for those who need to convert kilograms into stones, pounds, and ounces. With our weight units converter calculator, you can input the kilogram value and get an immediate conversion to your desired measurement. Whether you’re trying to track your fitness goals or simply need to know your weight in a certain unit, our converter has got you covered. So, say goodbye to the confusion and frustration of weight conversions and try our user-friendly calculator today.

Weight Converter: Kilo/stone/pound/gram/ounce

Convert Kilos to Stone and Pounds

Input your kilo value to get exact stone and pound

Kilos to Stone and Pounds Converter

Kilos to Stone and Pounds Converter

We have rounded the decimal point to two for ease.

grain (gr)1⁄70000.064799 
drachm (dr)1⁄2561.771845 
ounce (oz)1⁄1628.34952 
pound (lb)1453.59240.4535924
stone (st)146350.2936.3502932

Kilos to stone conversion table

1kg 2lb 3oz
2kg 4lb 6 oz
4kg 8lb 13oz
6kg 13lb 3 oz
8kg1st 3lb 10oz17lb 10 oz
10kg1st 8lbs22lb
12kg1st 12lb 6oz26lb 6oz
14kg2st 2lb 13oz30lb 13oz
16kg2st 7lb 3oz35lb 3oz
18kg2st 11lb 10oz39lb 10oz
20kg3st 2lb44lb
22kg3st 6lb 6oz48lb 6oz
24kg3st 10lb 13oz52lb 13oz
26kg4st 1lb 3oz57lb 3oz
28kg4st 5lb 10oz61 lb 10 oz
30kg4st 10lb66 lb
32kg5st 0lb 6oz70lb 6oz
34kg5st 4lb 13oz7 lb 13oz
36kg5st 9lb 3oz79lb 3oz
38kg5st 13lb 10oz83lb 10oz
40kg6st 4lb88lb
42kg6st 9lb93lb
44kg6st 13lb97lb
46kg7st 3lb101lb
48kg7st 8lb106lb
50kg7st 12lb110lb
52kg8st 3lbs115lb
54kg8st 7lbs119lb
56kg8st 11lbs123lb
58kg9st 2lbs128lb
60kg9st 6lbs132lb
62kg9st 11lbs137lb
64kg10st 1lb141lb
66kg10st 6lb146lb
68kg10st 10lb150lb
72kg11st 5lb159lb
74kg11st 9lb163lb
78kg12st 4lb172lb
80kg12st 8lb176lb
82kg12st 13lb181lb
84kg13st 3lb185lb
86kg13st 8lb190lb
88kg13st 12lb194lb
90kg14st 2lb198lb
92kg14st 7lb203lb
94kg14st 11lb207lb
96kg15st 2lb212lb
98kg15st 6lb216lb
100kg15st 10lb220lb
101kg15st 12lb222lb
102kg16st 1lb225lb
103kg16st 3lb227lb
104kg16st 5lb229lb
105kg16st 7lb231lb
106kg16st 10lb234lb
107kg16st 12lb236lb
108kg17st 0lb238lb
109kg17st 2lb240lb
110kg17st 4lb242lb
111kg17st 7lb245lb
112kg17st 9lb247lb
113kg17st 11lb249lb
114kg17st 13lb251lb
115kg18st 1lb253lb
116kg18st 4lb256lb
117kg18st 6lb258lb
118kg18st 8lb260lb
119kg18st 10lb262lb
120kg18st 12lb264lb

How many kilograms are in a stone?

There are 6.35kg in one stone, and 14 pounds equal a stone. So to convert kg to stone and pounds you simply need to divide the Kilo amount by 6.35029318 for the stones formula, and then multiple by 14 for pounds.

How many pounds in a stone?

There are 14 pounds (lb) in a stone (st).

How many kg in a stone

There are 6.35 kilos (kg) in one stone (lb)

What is 10 stone in kilos?

10 stone is 63.5kg in weight units.