LinkedIn Offers Free Marketing Certification Program

LinkedIn offers free marketing classes for professionals that wish to explore paid and organic search techniques. To be an effective LinkedIn marketing professional, professionals are required to complete a 12-week web training course, which is officially accredited by LinkedIn Learning. It will provide the new professional with an in depth knowledge of how to generate targeted traffic, follow up on leads, and much more. The course curriculum consists of five interactive sessions, divided between a basic introduction to LinkedIn and advanced topics. At the end of each module, students will receive an official Certification for twelve weeks.

In order to qualify for the LinkedIn marketing certification program, the student must have at least a bachelor’s degree. In addition to the coursework, students will also be required to complete two related internships. These internships will not only help students gain real world marketing experience, but they will also teach them valuable skills that they can apply to their careers at LinkedIn. After completing the internship, students will be given the opportunity to take a test that will measure their readiness to take the basic LinkedIn online tutorial. Upon passing the first test, they will be issued their official LinkedIn credential.

Within a few months, students will start to get some hands on experience using LinkedIn. In order to get certified, students must complete at least three core LinkedIn courses and one certificate exam. These courses are easy to access and will not require students to make any sort of effort. The courses are designed to be completed in thirty-one full hours, with no time commitment. There is also no limit on the number of times you can take the certification exams.

Once students complete all of the courses and pass the online exam, they will be issued their official LinkedIn credential. You will be able to use your LinkedIn profile to log into the system and access all of your networking information. This includes your photo and information about your specialized area of expertise. To get started, all you have to do is select your specialization or specialty from the LinkedIn home page and click the links to sign up. You will be asked to follow the simple instructions given to you on the screen.

The LinkedIn certification program is offered by some of the best internet marketing training companies. By taking the time to attend these classes, you will be able to receive one of the best advice available for maximizing your business’s potential. These courses will provide you with everything you need to know about effective advertising and how to get results from your efforts. Even the best marketers will have trouble reaching the end of this course because of the wealth of information presented.

In order to keep yourself competitive in today’s marketplace, you must know your options. If you are looking for a way to obtain free certification, the one sure way to do that is to enroll in one of the many LinkedIn Learning Marketing courses. These courses will give you the skills and knowledge needed to compete in today’s marketplace. When compared to the price of many paid education courses, you will find that the training value of a LinkedIn Learning Marketing Certificate is immeasurable. Not only will you get an advantage over the competition, you will also make sure you are compliant with all of LinkedIn’s policies.