How to Remove Feed Chunk App From Your Mac

Feed Chunk App is a browser hijacker that has recently infected many Macs. This adware program may display various ads and redirect you to sites which could be hazardous for your computer, so it’s important to remove this malicious application from your machine in order to prevent further infection with it.

To completely get rid of the adware, download an anti-malware program such as Combo Cleaner and scan your system for any files associated with this application. The program will detect malicious files and permanently delete them from your machine – guaranteeing that adware does not return to infect your PC in the future.

First, search the Finder for any applications you don’t recognize or that were recently downloaded from an unknown source. These could have been installed by the adware itself or any PUPs associated with it; if so, be sure to remove them promptly.

Next, open up your User Profile folder and search for any Login Items related to Feed Chunk app in either the left panel under Login Items or right panel under Accounts. Once you locate them, click each one and select the “minus” button below it to delete them from your Mac.

Another step you should take is to inspect your Application Support directory for any LaunchAgents that appear suspicious or are set up to run automatically. These are likely culprits behind this adware, and you can easily drag them to the trash and confirm their removal by clicking “Ok”.

If you are using Safari, be sure to check its Extensions panel for any Feed Chunk extensions. Once these have been removed, your Safari should be back up and running smoothly. Alternatively, try switching to another browser to see if that resolves the problem; if not, contact Apple for further assistance.