How to Change Your Name on Clash Royale

Changing your name on Clash Royale is not as complicated as you might think. It takes a few minutes to get the process down, but it’s well worth the effort. You will need a lot of gold, as well as some gems. The amount of money you have to spend to change your name will depend on how long you’ve been playing. If you’re an experienced player, this isn’t an issue. However, if you’re just starting out, it might be a little tricky.

First, you’ll need to find the settings menu. It’s a small box in the upper right hand corner of the game screen, and is surrounded by three bars. Select the box and then press OK. A new box will pop up on your screen with a list of options. From there, you’ll want to pick the “Change Name” option. You’ll then have to type your desired new name in the designated field. Once you’ve done that, you’ll have to click “OK”.

Next, you’ll want to make sure you have the gems required to change your name. If you don’t have enough, you’ll have to wait a bit longer for the change to take effect. If you don’t have the proper amount of money to change your name, you can collect some by completing Achievement Points. You can also buy extra name changes with Gems.

The Clash Royale game is packed with features, but one of the most important is the ability to change your name. While changing your name isn’t always an option, there are times when it’s important to do so. If your name is incorrect, or your identity is stolen, you could face some stiff penalties.

For example, you might not be able to access your profile, and the changes you make won’t be visible until you’ve logged out and logged back in. You also might have to answer a few questions to prove you own the account. But that’s a topic for another time.

The trick is in picking the right name. For starters, you’ll want to pick a name that is easy to spell and that can be recognized by other players. You can also pick a name that has special characters in it, but keep in mind that some emojis may not be visible after you confirm your new name. If you’re having trouble coming up with a good name, you can contact Clash Royale support to help you out.

Of course, you’ll have to be a high level player to actually change your name. To do so, you’ll need to hit King level four. You’ll also need to have a solid Internet connection. This is because the Clash Royale games use verification to ensure that you’re the real deal. You’ll have to wait at least seven days before your old name is completely removed.

Finally, you’ll need to check out the other settings, such as the social media options. You’ll have to decide whether you want to connect your Clash Royale account with your Facebook and Twitter accounts. You’ll also have to decide whether or not you want to connect with a Supercell ID.